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The phone holder designed by Yokota Wood Work in Fukuoka has just the right angle of inclination through ergonomic calculation. Using it on the desk can effectively relieve the pressure on our neck or the soreness of our hands when holding the mobile phone for a long time. And with the use of FACE ID, it is even more handy to peek at the phone in the daily office.
The material is made of oak and walnut solid wood, the center of gravity is stable, and the phone or ipad will not be easily moved or reversed. In the middle of the bracket, there is a recess for the USB charging cable, which is quite considerate.
由福岡Yokota Wood Work 所設計的電話座,經由人體工程學計算出剛剛好的傾斜角度,在書檯上使用能有效舒緩我們頸部的壓力或是長時間拿著手機的手痠感。而且配合FACE ID使用,日常office偷睇電話就更加得心應手。

Wood Type
Oak / Walnut

W60 x D85 x H150 mm

Designed in JAPAN
Made in JAPAN

Wood Type: Oak